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Diamond Ortega and Tyler Durrden PoV Blowjob

Tyler and Diamond have been looking to hook up for a while. Today Tyler gets to witness Diamonds skills first. You dont have to say it Tyler, we know it feels amazing. Diamond the oral enthusiast claims another addict.


Diamond Ortega unicorn princess webcam 1

Diamond knows how to live it up. Between fan requests and costume clips she has little time for webcam shows. Today is something a little, well different. Hot wand toy play with a twist and a horn. Diamond performs for you with a large unicorn mask on. Super kinky stuff. Enjoy


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Photo Shoot with benefits p4

Diamond and Ludus never disappoint. After going long and hard it is time for the POP...


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Photo Shoot with benifits p3

Time to get down to business. Ludus tosses Diamond on to the bed in missionary position. Watch Diamonds legs shake while she enjoys every stroke...


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Photo Shoot with benefits p2

Things start to heat up as Diamond and Ludus move to the bed. Ludus gives Diamond full oral treatment. Diamond bounces and grinds on his face....


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Photo Shoot with benefits p1

Get Diamond and Ludus Adonis in the same room together, even for just a photo shoot, it is bound to get kinky. After a few snaps of the camera Diamond begins to undress and Ludus is not far behind....


Diamond Ortega interview with dildo gag

Diamond comes in for her performance review interview with the total fetish xxx team. As a valued team member Diamond must display her full skill set whenever she is asked by management. We run a tight ship at Diamond administrates her bj gagging skills as well as her real cock sucking skills. It is good to be the boss...


Gianna Love and Diamond Ortega fetish wresling p2

More wrestling fun with Diamond Ortega and Ginna Love. This time they take turns with facesitting and scissorhold positions. Diamond has the size advantage but Ginna is pretty quick....


Diamond Ortega webcam feet and panty tease in the mirror

Diamond is in a mood to tease today. You have an awesome view. Close up of feet plus her back side in the mirror. If that is not enough she also tries on several pairs of panties for you. But mostly for her own amusement...

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega sloppy school girl blow job

Diamond is a sloppy bj expert. Diamond Ortega in a sexy school girl outfit, a thick hard cock in front of her, multiple cameras rolling... An awesome compilation. Part wide angle, part pov, all super sloppy.


Gianna Love and Diamond Ortega fetish wresling p1

Gianna Love takes pride in being able to challenge Diamond Ortega when to comes to wrestling. But when Diamond mounts Gianna and bounces her ample butt on Gianna....


Diamond Ortega blow job practice webcam

How do you become a blowjob expert like Diamond? Practice of course. Diamond attaches her new dildo to the wall, turns on the webcam and goes to town. Sloppy wet blowjob practice.


Diamond solo bound toy play

So Diamond is alone with just her toys. What is a girl to do? Strap herself in, bite down on a gag, and plug in her favorite vibrator of course. And you get a multi angle bed side seat...


Diamond Ortega foot slave POV webcam

You know you love Diamonds feet. She knows it too. Not that she would use that against you. You know you want to lick her hot sweaty feet. Let her tease you with her cute socks. Watch her take them off slowly. Foot slave you are in for a long day...


Diamond Ortega tickle and foot job

Diamond pays a visit to Dapper Dans place. A little flirting leads to tickling, then an agreement is made. Dan will stop the tickling if Diamond uses her feet to get him off...


Diamond Ortega bound tickling with toys

Johnny WildStyle of Booty Sauce Magazine makes a guest appearance in this hot clip. Johnny takes full advantage of a bound Diamond.Her wrists and ankles are cuffed leaving her pussy exposed. Multiple toys and Johnnys tongue are all in play....


Pink Gag spanking

What could be more delightful than Diamond with a cute pink gag in her mouth shaped like a bone? Maybe Diamond with a cute pink gag in her mouth shaped like a bone and getting spanked until her butt turns red???


Diamond Ortega wand play 360

Diamond loves her hitachi, today Austin is going to take full advantage of that fact. Bound at the wrists and ankles Diamond has no where to wiggle off to. Austin tests every speed while the camera pans giving you a full 360 degree view

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega Sloppy Blow job with glasses

Diamond gives a super sloppy blow job. We already know that. Today she doesn't even wait to take off her sexy logo top or her sunglasses before she goes down on Austin...


Diamond Ortega lotion and toy play

What was so posed to be just a BTS clip of Diamond applying a little lotion before a shoot. Turned into a full masturbation scene with a couple of loud orgasms. This is why we rarely turn off the cameras. Enjoy


Diamond Ortega Orgasm belt

Whats better than a vibrating wand? How about a vibrating wand strapped to a leather belt? Austin turns it on and its time to play. Diamond is in total bliss.


Diamond Ortega Basement Sloppy Top Blowjob

You know Diamond is an orgasmic oralist. Austin takes her to the basement to put her skills to the test. He tells her we can get as wet and sloppy as you can handle. Made especially for all you sloppy blow job fans....


Diamond Ortega Bound Tickling

If you know Diamond, you know she is very, very, ticklish. Today she invites Austin to take advantage of that fact. Is he up for the challenge? He straps Diamond in just in case...


Diamond Ortega voyeur webcam clip

Diamond is laying in bed. She either forgot the webcam is on or she doesn't care. You get an awesome view as she plays with herself. Witness an orgasm so intense that she has to turn up the music playing on her phone to drown out the sound from the neighbors. Girl next door strikes again.


Milian Manson XxX lap dance bj

Milian Manson knows how to tease. First a sensual lap dance for Austin. Then she mounts his face and gives him an extra slow, extra sloppy, blow job. But shes not done, she turns around sits on his chest and tugs his cock. When and where will he bust his load....


Diamond Ortega webcam bubble gum play

Diamond is once again in playful mood. Watch as she blows bubbles while checking her email. Did you send her some fan mail? She really does read it....


Diamond Ortega Bra and matching socks

Diamond in another hot webcam clip. Big black dildo in hand and month. Cute lacy bra on, with with nothing else, other than matching socks. See her bounce her bubble butt while she crams her dildo deep into her mouth.

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega intense wet gagging in cute pink top

Diamond is a having one of those days. The kind when she not only wants it rough. But she needs it rough. Off camera she tells Austin to use her like a toy. To ram that dildo down her throat until she gags, then make her spit and do it again.


Diamond Ortega green toy and lolly pops freaky solo

We all know Diamond Ortega is a playful creature. Even when she is alone a lazy afternoon turns into an intense masturbation session Complete with new toy shaped like a pickle and lolly pop to keep her mouth busy too...


Diamond Ortega webcam bound with Hitachi

Diamond has gotten herself into a bit of a jam. Her hands are tapped to her favorite toy, the hitachi. Whats a girl to do? Turn it on and use it of course. Witness the moaning and drooling intense orgasm....


Diamond Ortega is ready for her webcam close up

Whats a girl to when none of her buddies are around and she needs to get off. Well she pulls out her wand and gel dildo of course. Lucky for us Diamond turned on her webcam and captured several close up angles. A real crowd pleaser. Wait til you see what she does for members only...


Chocolate Noir featuring Diamond Ortega and Ludus Adonis

Chocolate Noir is a raw yet stylish scene. Diamond and Ludus have excellent chemistry. Captured by Mr. Häägandazz ( ‏@Hutt_Hub )


Diamond Ortega hot webcam update - lacey white socks cowgirl

People always claim they love the doggy style position. After you see this clip with Diamond and her huge black dildo in the cowgirl position you will change your mind. Doggy what?


Diamond Ortega Sperm Bank Blow Job

Diamond is the head nurse at a super friendly sperm bank. What does the head nurse do when she loses a sample? She asks the doctor for a fresh sample to replace it of course. Austin is all too happy to help out....


Diamond Ortega webcam Big Black Dildo suck and spit

Check out Diamond with this extra large dildo, taking it extra deep down her throat. Watch as her shirt gets extra wet, spiting into a glass throughout. Watch as she sensually pours over her head....


Carmen, Brandi Sweets, Diamond Ortega 3 way ass worship

Diamond Ortega knows how to appreciate fine backside. Brandi and Carmen have extraordinary exquisite butts. Diamond have the pleasure of admiring them up close. Yes she uses her hands too....

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega Webcam toy play in school girl skirt

Diamond in another hot webcam clip. With her short plaid school girl style skirt hiked up so she can put her Hitachi to good use. Multiple angles and multiple orgasms...


Diamond Ortega webcam balloon play

Diamond is in an extremely playful mood. Why not pop balloons with her butt? Watching Diamond bounce around on that gorgeous butt is already a treat but to listen to giggle as each balloon pops is just the icing on the cake....


Diamond Ortega more toys

Another hot webcam clip with Diamond. This time with her favorite toy, the Hitachi. Multiple angles and a toe curling orgasm. Enjoy


Layla Perez XxX Blowjob session

Layla Perez is an oral specialist. When introduced to Austin she makes him remove his pants before he can finish a sentence. Hot and ready to demonstrate her oral skills....


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus "toys, toys, toys"

Diamond loves her toys. Today she is testing a couple of new ones. A cute red vibrator and a huge black dildo. Up close and personal with multiple angles. Hear Diamond moan and scream through multiple orgasms....


Diamond Ortega Christmas webcam show

Diamond puts instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit with this hot clip. Watch her masturbate from multiple angles in her sexy holiday outfit while she trims the tree....


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus yoga tights

Another hot webcam session. Diamond does her yoga routine, plus she even gives you a peek under her tights...


Diamond and Austin position master

Diamond and Austin are at it again. So many toys, so little time. This was so-posed to be a kind of test run to try out the inflatable position master. But Austin decides to get a little more comfortable and removes this pants. Soon they are in full beta test mode, doggy, 69, missionary, etc


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus "Watch my feet while do yoga"

Diamond is practicing her yoga stretches. You are in luck because today she is going to let you watch. Just for a little while, so enjoy while you can...

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


BTS 3 way p2 oral oral oral

The fun continues. Dapper Dan knows how to throw a party. Diamond showcases her oral skills....


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus Shower Time

Another hot webcam bonus scene. Diamond in the shower...


BTS 3 way p1

Sometimes a shoot is more like a party. Sometimes a scene takes place that is not really a scene. Why not turn the camera on and have some fun? Make sure you request your invite to next Dapper Dan party....


Diamond bound to tease p2

Diamond and Austin are at it again. This time Austin gets more aggressive feeling her up and groping her. He plays with her pussy and makes Diamond lick his wet fingers afterwards.


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus footage kitchen masturbation

Another hot webcam bonus scene for your webcam Wednesday. See Diamond masturbate in the kitchen with a dildo mounted to the fridge.


Diamond Ortega masturation in the tub

Diamond has a special treat for you this week. Not only are you going to get the privilege of watching her in the tub, but she is going play with herself and masturbate too. But it gets better, she has set up multiple cameras so you are going to this hot scene play with multiple angles...


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus footage smoking pussy play

Get a peak of that sweet Diamond Ortega pussy while she smokes. She maybe ignoring you, but she doesnt ignore her pussy, giving at a pat and a rub, even spitting on it getting it nice and wet...


Four chicks and one lucky prick p4 - final

Maxxx cant hold it in any longer, time for him to pop. Who will get the most of it, Diamond, Kailey, Kenya, or Vanessa... It doesnt really matter because they agreed to share


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus footage multi angle masturbation

Masturbation is one of Diamonds favorite pass times. Today we have a multiple angle treat for your webcam Wednesday fix.

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Four chicks and one lucky prick p3

The orgy continues..... Vanessa Smiles takes some rock rock cock courtesy of Maxxx Payne. While Diamond shoves a giant dildo in Vanessas mouth. They switch postilions Maxxx and Diamond go at it doggy style and the dildo goes in Vanessas wet pussy.


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus footage bubble gum

Alright all you bubblegum freaks. More webcam bonus footage just for you. Check out my new tube top. Multiple angles as I blow bubbles and update the site....


Four chicks and one lucky prick p2

Vanessa Smiles is getting it from all angles. Kinky Kailey and Diamond Ortega take turns with their strap-ons in Vanessa's mouth and pussy. The skirts get hiked up and action gets even hotter. part 2


Diamond Ortega webcam bonus footage

Diamond in a smoking webcam session. Just a little bonus for the members. You are still going to to get your "freaky Friday" update this is just a "webcam Wednesday" bonus


Four chicks and one lucky prick p1

Thot academy orgy. What a lineup Vanessa Smiles, Kenya Sweetz, newcomer Kinky Kailey, lucky dude Maxxx Payne, and of course Diamond Ortega. This is just part one, Vanessa getting deep throat lessons.


Diivah, Dapper Dan, and Diamond in a Dapper 3 Way p2

Diivah and Diamond Ortega take turns riding, first Dans face, then his cock. Diivah maybe new but she knows how to ride. Dapper Dan is one lucky old dude. Part 2 of 2


Diivah, Dapper Dan, and Diamond in a Dapper 3 Way p1

Dapper Dan is pretty cool for an old guy. On a regular basis he hangs out with hot babes like Diamond and Diivah. Diivah is brand new to the biz so Diamond and Dan are going to team up to break her in. part 1 of 2


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Informal Hookup p3

How long can Ludus last? Missionary and doggy before Ludus shoots an ample load. The end for now....


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Informal Hookup p2

Diamond and Ludus are still at it. Time for a little doggy style. Maybe some riding too...

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond and Ludus Adonis - Informal Hookup p1

Diamond and Ludus friends. You might say good friends. One day they are at Dapper Dans place just sitting around and they say to themselves why dont add some benefits to this friendship.....


Cooking with Diamond p2

Diamond is still in tease mood. But now she is going to satisfy herself while she waits for the oven to heat up. Watch her masturbate on the stove top. She is going to have the neighbors lining up to sample her goodies...


Cooking with Diamond p1

Diamond is the girl you wish lived next door. In order to appreciate her many talents you must witness her skills in the kitchen. Today it is going to be a simple cookie recipe. But Diamond adds a little tease and temptation to the rich flavor.....


Diamond bound to tease p1

Diamond teases you while trying out her new toy. A position master wedge. Her hands are in cuffs and ass is exposed....


Brandi Sweets and Diamond Ortega tickle fest

You true Diamond Ortega fans know that Diamond is extremely ticklish. In fact we didnt think we would ever find someone more ticklish than Diamond. Enter Brandi Sweets to prove us wrong. Judge for yourself and try not to droll too much when you see Diamond playing with Brandi's plump pussy lips...


Diamond Ortega Cock Tease

Diamond is a switch. She is dom more often than not. But she does have a very submissive side. Today she is going to let Austin do the teasing. He tickles her feet and rubs this cock on her pussy lips. How much can she stand?


Diamond makes them TAP - Carmen and Brandi Sweets in 3 way BJ p3

In part 3 Brandi and Carmen give it the college try. But they dont make it. Diamond takes over and makes sure Austin delivers a nice load. Brandi and Carmen maybe next time


Diamond Ortega Bubblegum and panty tease part 3

Watch Diamond in full tease mode. Sporting another brand new pair of vs panties. She teases you by giving a glimpse plump pussy and amble backside. Just when you think you cant stand it she begins to masturbate to take you over the ledge. The whole time blowing bubbles too. She girl can truly multitask


Diamond makes them TAP - Carmen and Brandi Sweets in 3 way BJ p2

Diamond Ortega continues her hands on blow job lesson. Brandi and Carmen arent getting it. Diamond steps it up a notch. She goes deep and wet on Austins lucky prick then she sits back and watches Brandi and Carmen gag. Part 2 of 3

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond makes them TAP - Carmen and Brandi Sweets in 3 way BJ p1

Diamond has an aggressive side when it comes to Brandi and Carmen. Gotta keep these bitches in line. Today it is going to be blow job lessons. Extra deep and extra sloppy. Who will tap out first? part 1 of 3


Diamond Ortega Worship My Feet

Diamond has many awesome attributes. Not the least of which are her gorgeous feet. Today you get to witness them up close. Maybe tickle and play with them of just watch. In and out off her fishnets....


Diamond Ortega Bubblegum and panty tease part 2

Diamond continues to tease you, blowing bubbles and modeling panties. She is going to take you to the edge. What happens after that is on you....


Kenya Sweetz and Diamond Ortega Bondage Tickle Tease

Kenya Sweetz and Diamond did a tickle clip a little while back. Kenya got to torment Diamond. Today Diamond gets her revenge. Not only is Diamond in charge now, she has more tools at her disposal....


Diamond Ortega feet play and ass massage p2

Diamond continues to toy with Austin. She rubs his rock cock as he fingers she wet pussy. Austin can't hold out any longer he drops a huge load across Diamonds awesome ass.... part 2 of 2


Diamond Ortega feet play and ass massage p1

Diamond and Austin are at it again. This time Diamond toys with Austin by letting him rub her feet. As he becomes aroused she allows him to rub his cock on her feet. Then he moves up to her ass and rubs it first with his hands then his cock.... part 1 of 2


Diamond Ortega webcam solo play

Just you, Diamond, one of her favorite toys, and her cute stuffed unicorn watching in the background. In case you didn't know unicorns rock and are one of Diamond's favorites. So next time you are on her wishlist be sure to pick her up something unicorn related.


Diivah, Kenya Sweetz, and Diamond Ortega, Bondage Tease p2

New comer Diivah is bound wrists to ankles, Diamond takes charge, ordering Kenya how and where to play with Diivah. Diamond sits on her face while Kenya toys with her pussy. The goal is simple make her squirt and make sure her lips don't go to waste. Later Diamond shoves a huge dildo down her throat so she can practice for the real thing.


Diamond Ortega and Dapper Dan Blowjob tease

Dapper Dan is sweet older guy who Diamond uses as her play thing. Not that he minds a bit. Tied to a chair, Diamond teases his cock. Dan always wears a suite, today it's going to end up with nice big stain on it. Shot by Mr. Häägandazz ( ‏@Hutt_Hub )

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega Smoking Outdoors

Diamond is on a quick smoke break. Why not set up the cam so you can take a peek? Smoking outdoors on this hot day is so relaxing. Panties are so unnecessary. Bonus BTS clip enjoy


Kenya Sweetz, Diamond Ortega, and Diivah in Bondage Tease

Kenya Sweetz loves to be defiant. Today Diamond and newcomer Diivah have the task of breaking Kenya down. Are they up to it? Some ropes and a magic wand added into the mix and Kenya is screaming and moaning. But will she squirt?


Diamond Ortega Sexy Cleaning p4 GND exclusive

Diamond is totally nude now, well except for a pair bright pink rubber gloves. She continues to play with Austin's cock, her handjob converting to a blowjob. She turns around and sits back to ride him reverse cowgirl.....


Diamond Ortega Sexy Cleaning p3 GND exclusive

Diamond Ortega loves to tease while she cleans. She is wearing sexy boy shorts and a wife beater She asks Austin to remove his pants. She is still in tease mode, but now she focuses her attention on his hard cock. Giving him a slow hand job part 3 of 4


Diamond Ortega Sexy Cleaning p2 GND exclusive

Diamond asks Austin to remove his pants. She's still in full tease mode, this time removing her shirt and allowing him to rub her butt while she cleans. Part 2 of this 4 part exclusive scene NOT on Clips4sale or Manyvids only here


Diamond Ortega Sexy Cleaning p1 GND exclusive

Diamond Ortega loves to tease while she cleans. She's wearing sexy boy shorts and a wife beater. She prances around and makes no attempt to hind her curves. Part 1 of this 4 part exclusive scene NOT on Clips4sale or Manyvids only here


Diamond Ortega Bubblegum and panty tease part 1

I love to tease. One of my many admirers bought me the panties I'm going to model for you. I love packages at the front door. He bought he several pairs so I'm going to make 3 clips. Enjoy them one at a time or as a set. Contact me to find out how you can send a package and get a custom clip Part 1 of 3


Diamond Ortega Bubblegum Masturbstion

Diamond believes there is no better combination than bubblegum and masturbation. She exercises her free spirit while "playing" with herself and blowing bubbles. Enjoy


Diamond Ortega and Kenya Sweetz foot tickling

Are you ticklish? Diamond is, very much so. Kenya Sweetz is going to take advantage of that. Diamond is willingly bound by the ankles while Kenya tickles her feet relentlessly. How much can Diamond take?

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega FULL service massage

Diamond loves to be papered. Her friend Amy sent Austin over to take care of Diamond's massage needs. Things heat up pretty quickly. Yes Austin gets lucky and gets to pop a load on Diamond's awesome butt


Diamond Ortega Looking Sexy in the Shower

Diamond loves to dance in the shower. See her getting wet from all angles. One of many hot shower scenes


Diamond Ortega, Billie Gene, and Rome Major in Major 3 way p3

Things are heating up. Billie and I earn that huge load of sticky cum that Rome delivers. part 3 of 3


Diamond Ortega Sexy Ass in white yoga pants

Do you like the way my ass looks in these tight, white, yoga pants? Want a closer look? I know your getting excited while you watch my ass. Want to see my panties? They're white too, with a nice lacy edge. Doesn't my ass look nice in them? I know you want to see my bare ass, bet you'd like to touch it too.


Diamond Ortega, Billie Gene, and Rome Major in Major 3 way p2

Billie's friend has to take off before she's satisfied. So she joins Rome and I in the living room. We twist ourselves into some crazy positions, as Rome fills our mouths and pussies with his rock hard cock. Billie and I take turns tasting each others pussy juices off of his cock. Part 2 of 3


Diamond Ortega Webcam solo toy play

I love my toys. Especially the ones my fans buy for me, hint hint. Today you get to watch me play with a long pink dildo. Enjoy I know I did


Diamond Ortega, Billie Gene, and Rome Major in Major 3 way p1

So I'm hanging out with Rome, Billie, and a friend of hers. Things get real intense, real quick. Rome and I in the living room, Billie and her friend in the next room. Rome wants to know if I have real deep throat skills. I'll let you be the judge. In part 2 Billie comes back for some 3 way fun.Part 1 of 3


Diamond Ortega Oil and Ass Tease

Watch me oil up my ass. Do you like the way it shines? Want me to shake it? Does that turn you on? If just going to tease you today, you don't get to touch....


Diamond Ortega and Jake Banger Hotel Hookup p2

Even the kinky girl next door needs to get out every now and then. porno thug aka Jake Banger has been on her for a while now. Diamond finally decides to give him a shot and see if he can back up all his game. She's made him wait long enough time to get to it part 2 of 2

See Diamond Get Her Kinks Out in The Members Area


Diamond Ortega and Jake Banger Hotel Hookup p1

Even the kinky girl next door needs to get out every now and then. porno thug aka Jake Banger has been on her for a while now. Diamond finally decides to give him a shot and see if he can back up all his game. She's made him wait long enough time to get to it part 1 of 2


The Girl Next Door XxX - A Taste of things to Cum

We could sit a talk for hours about all the wild freaky updates we have lined for but we would much rather have Diamond do the honors. Updates every week, fetish, femdom, BDSM, and hardcore